• Darren LeSarge: The building was electric that night ! I was 10 yrs old and my dad took me to see Gretzky but the Leafs and Terrion stole the show !

  • Joan Deering Greg Terrion grew up on our street in Deloro and was best friends with my son David.

  • Nancy Chapman Hart: Greg was a awesome hockey player so proud of him thanks for sharing!

  • Marlean McLean: My husband being a true Leafs fan has told me this story several times but I never saw the photo until now. Great share!


Click here for more on Greg Terrion including the video "Greg Terrion vs Tony Esposito (Penalty-Shot) - Oct. 15, 1983



March 29, 1994


Trent Valley League                                                      The Marmora Millionaires

About 1895 and for the following fifty years, Marmora
had a reputation as one of the most.enthusiastic
members of the Trent Valley Hockey League (TVHL) in Central Ontario.  Before covered arenas made their appearance in the area, crowds would stand around the ice surface, no matter the weather, and nothing seemed to dampen their enthusiasm. The only way to attend
games away from home was horse drawn vehicle , cutters or sleighs. Sometimes nearly as many local hockey supporters travelled to Stirling, Madoc or Campbellford as those that would attend the game from the host village.
Marmora was one of the last villages left in the TVL
circuit that did not have a covered rink.  As a result of
the opposing TVL teams objecting to playing   on open
rinks,   Marmora adopted Stirling,  and later Madoc,  as
their home ice for games against other teams.

In Marmora Herald

Dec. 17, 1908   Josiah W. Pearce,  Member of the Legislative Assembly and President of the Trent Valley Hockey League,  has offered a cup to be rewarded to the team winning the championship.  With a trophy of two cups to compete for,  there should be very exciting contest in the League this season. ( Click here for more on Josiah Pearce .  He was Reeve of Marmora,  Warden of the County and Bursar of the Ontario School for the Deaf in Belleville)

1910    Marmora Hockey team were winners of the Trent Valley League for 1910.

 March 2, 1911    On Friday evening last,  the second of the home and home game between Marmora and Stirling to decide the championship of the Trent Valley League was played on the local rink.  The attendance probably makes a new record for the League as the receipts were $120.00. The following is the local line-up:    Inkster, goal; Gladney, point;  Deforge, centre point;  Geen, rover;  Jones, centre;  McWilliams, left wing and Naylor, right wing

 Jan 28, 1915   To add interest to the contest for the championship of the Trent Valley Hockey League,  Mr. Robert Cooke,  M.L.A.  has donated a beautiful silver cup which is mounted on an ebony base to be held by the winning team from year to year.

 Feb. 10, 1938   Gus Leonard,  fast skating forward for Marmora High School team is also playing a star game for Stirling in the Trent Valley League.  On Monday he was given his first penalty in four years of hockey.  He is the youngest player on the Stirling team and perhaps the youngest player in the League,  and hockey fans and reporters predict a bright future for him.  A fast and smooth skater,  with a poke c heck that breaks up many an opponent's rush,  and a hard accurate shot,  he should develop into a star on any team.

 Jan 5, 1939  The newly organized Madoc-Marmora Mic-Macs opened the season in the Trent Valley League be defeating Tweed 10-3.  The line-up was:  Goal, Hollingsworth;  Defence, C. O'Neill and N, O'Neil;  Centre, Keller; Wings, Akey and Alexander;  Subs, Leonard, Loveless, Burridge,  Hailstone,  Pigden and Martin