W. A. SANDERSON.  (Bell. Intelligencer 1914)

A livery business that enjoys the prestige of being one of the best and oldest established in this section of the county is that of the above. The premises occupied is located on Forsyth street. Phone 8. This business has been conducted by Mr. Wm Sanderson for three years. The stables are up-to-date in every respect. A number horses are run in connection with them.  These animals are all noted for their quickness and good looks, while the vehicles a handsome and nicely upholstered. In addition to the straight livery and cab business transacted, a number of horses are boarded. The active management of the business looked after by Mr. W. A. Sanderson anda staff of careful and efficient drivers are employed. Special attention is given weddings and funerals, making it a featurewhile commercial men who cover the surrounding country always have their requirements and carefully attended to.  Mr. Sanderson also deals in horses of all kinds. The prices here will be foundmoderate.  If you need anything in this line,  don't fail to give this house a call.

Marmora Herald - June 22, 1916 - "Mr. W.A. Sanderson has been awarded the cotract for carrying the mail between Marmora and Central Ontario Junction  (Bonarlaw)  after July 1st.  He will operate a bus service and will act as agent for the Dominion Express Company."


Marmora Herald - January 18, 1917 -  "Mr. W.A. Sanderson has purchased a fine new bus with which he will meet the trains on the CPR and CNR.  The bus was built by Stanislaus Bertrand and in entirely closed in with windows at the front and rear."

May 16, 1918 - " Mr. W.A. Sanderson has added two large motor buses to his livery outfit. One has a capacity of about 40 men and was purchased especially to handle the men from the village who work at Deloro.  The other bus has a capacity of 20 persons which will be used both in carrying en to Deloro and passenger traffic generally."


Dougold and Magee Sanderson on Mill Stream

Dougold and Magee Sanderson on Mill Stream

Dougold Sanderson, Don Marett

W.A.Sanderson, left, William Riggs, _______ Jack Baker

Catherine Brown Sanderson, Dougold and Magee on Crowe River Iron Bridge. Note train in the background.

Magee  & Dougold Sanderson April 12, 1913,  where parkette is  on Forsyth   (Minimart in background)  Pearce store  to north.

Dougold & Magee Sanderson

Catherine Brown Sanderson with Dougold & Magee,  Crowe Lake

  Dougold Brown Sanderson at 7 months

1915 Dugold and Magee and believed to be grand mother Mary Magee Sanderson