Christine Louise  Dominico                     (nee McCarthy)

Watercolours, Oils & Acrylics & Mixed Media

RR4,  26 Juniper CtMarmora,  Ontario, K0K2M0                            

(613) 472 5919

Christine began to paint in the late 80’s as an expression of the joy she felt in our northern landscape. “I am largely a self-taught artist.  Learning is the spice of my life and art provides an area where I can continually experience growth. Marmora is the perfect location for an artist at play."

The explosion of colour when the paint hits the moist paper never ceases to provide excitement, so watercolour is her “go-to” medium. “Starting a watercolour painting always presents such surprises; it is just plain fun.”

But acrylics, mixed media , collage and oils offer other excitements and challenges.  “I like a viewer to be drawn into a painting by its images or mood.  I love it when a viewer tells me the “story” they imagine that a painting tells.”    Christine loves experimenting, and trying something new.  She uses fresh, bold colours, and textures that complement the musicality of her work.  As a former elementary and high school teacher, Christine enjoys helping others discover their creative talents.  From May until December, Christine is available to do commissions and to teach workshops.

She believes that everyone gets joy from following their creative ideas. She loves to share her enthusiasm through small group classes at her studio in the spring and fall.   Her dream is to nurture an artistic presence in Marmora because she believes that creativity benefits the whole community. Christine agrees with Brenda Ueland’s statement about the importance of creativity: “..there is nothing that makes people so generous, joyful, lively, bold and compassionate, so indifferent to fighting and the accumulation of objects and money” as developing our creativity.


Background and Accomplishments

A baby-boomer, born in Toronto in 1946, to parents who used to sketch together before the melee of marriage and five children, Christine was never considered the “artistic one” in the McCarthy family.  She played piano for her dad, sang boisterously, danced wildly, performed on stage frequently, yes, but she did not draw or paint.

Christine was the student of the family.  As such, she graduated with an Ontario Scholarship from Notre Dame High School on Kingston Road, Toronto, and went on to graduate in Honours English at St. Jerome’s University at the University of Waterloo in 1969.

 During her school years at Notre Dame and St. Jerome’s, she had numerous leading roles in the drama club and with St. Aetholwold’s Players.  She got her Conservatory Gr. 8 piano, sang in church choirs and  led the music for the liturgy at Notre Dame chapel at university.  She had a long and successful career as a teacher, first in elementary school, and then in high school, serving as head of English both at St. Joseph’s Morrow Park in Toronto and then as associate head at Robert F. Hall in Caledon East.

She and her husband, Richard, met and married while at St. Jerome’s University, an affiliate of the University of Waterloo, and have three grown children.  Together in the 1980’s they opened a private alternative high school, Limitless Learning of  Etobicoke,  that specialized in individualized instruction in small classes for teens who were unsuccessful at collegiates.

Christine was honoured to receive St. Jerome’s University Distinguished Graduate of the year in 1991.

 So it was with “fear and trepidation” that Christine picked up a paint brush and confronted the white page in the late 80’s.  Her art is living proof that talent is 90% commitment.

 In July, 2005 Christine and her husband, Richard moved to Marmora.

  •  Christine was a founding member of Artists in Motion in Marmora in May 2008.  She helped organize several successful shows and set up the artist co-operative store on Forsythe Street in Marmora.
  •  In 2009 her painting “Fairy’s Path” was the image chosen to advertise the Nayler’s Common trails at the Marmora Tourist Info Centre.
  •  For several years she has served as the judge of the Stirling Fair’s art submissions.
  •  In January 2012, she was commissioned to create greeting cards for the Marmora Inn Bed and Breakfast.
  •  On Dec 22, 2013 Christine hosted an art show at the Marmora Inn on Bursthall St with the help of its owners, Rui and Cathy Pereira and the Marmora ValueMart’s  Kelly and Kelly-Lynn Welch.  Over 25 paintings sold at 75% off .  She donated the whole $1,850.00 given by the citizens of Marmora to the Marmora Helping Hands Food Bank.  This event was highly successful, even though the town had been burdened with three days of freezing rain!  There is magic and power in our dreams.
  •  Christine’s work has been shown in The Caledon Inn in Caledon East, The Underground Gallery in Timmins, the Orangeville Opera House, The Essence of Art Gallery in Marmora,  in  Stirling’s West Wings store and Library,  in the John M. Parrott Gallery in Belleville, the Off the Wall show in The Peterborough Art Gallery and the Alumni Show at Waterloo University.
  •  Most recently her work can be seen at Bunkers Restaurant and the Marmora Inn B and B in Marmora.
  • Many of Christine’s  watercolours are available as greeting cards. Currently a good selection are available at Stirling’s Gift Boutique (493 Flying Club Road).

Moody Birches - 18 x 14 Mixed Media