In 1951,  the Loveless store is redecorated with a name change to Loveless Groceries and Meats

Loveless store.JPG

(See 18 Forsyth for early details )    

In 1914, the south end of this building was a grocery store run by John Shannon and in the store was a post office with John's daughter, Eva,the post mistress.  At some point,  the building was owned by Maloney and Forestell, with the south half leased to Tom Byrnes who started the Red and White Grocery Store chain in 1925.

In March of 1926,  the building was formally split,  with Tom Byrnes and Mr. Meraw purchasing the south half,  and Alphonse Shannon and Clifford Jones purchasing the north half for a barber shop and pool hall. Bill Darrah was the barber. They also purchased the store houses at the back,  while Maloney and Forestell retained what was formerly a tin smith shop.

In 1937 Keith Armstrong moved his meat store from  25 Forsyth to the Shannon buildings.  The Herald wrote on Nov. 25, 1937,

"Keith Armstrong's new premises are being fitted up for a modern meat shop and a large stock of high-class, fresh and cured meats will be carried.  The new store will be opened on Monday, Nov. 29th."

Tom Byrnes   sold his grocery business to Floyd (Bud) Russell Loveless in Sept. 1947.  Bud was a distinguished war Veteran,  a WW2 flight officer and a P.O.W. . Bud and his wife Rita ran the store until 1975 as LGM.

On opening the grocery store,  Floyd and Rita advertised "SELF SERVICE" ,  a new concept in shopping.  But the Loveless' did not stop there with their enthusiasm.  In 1949,  they opened a branch store on Crowe Lake.

Floyd and Rita Loveless

1975 saw the LGM store taken over by Sheridan Griffith and his wife Elizabeth,  who ran the business until 1979 when it was purchased by Al and Shirley Montgomery.

The Montgomery's ran the store for 11 years from 1979 to 1991

Sauland Monica Chung purchased the grocery business from the Montgomery's and in 1991 called it a Food Mart. .

Jane and Charlie owned and operated the business until 2006 when it finally closed as a grocery store.  The whole building was recently purchased by Mr.Cantin.  The south half has recently openedas "Sue's Flowers and cafe".

Sheridan Griffith with a customer in 1977

Wilma Bush reminisces:

Brings lots of memories -   When my eldest brother Bob & I were in Sacred Heart Separate School - ' 42 or '43approx., I ran down to Tom Byrnes store to have them phone Mom & Dad as Bob had fallen & been badly cut on his leg -  (no phone at the school & we usually called at priest's house, but he wasn't home that time).
I was also close friends of Bud (Floyd) & Rita Loveless.   It was Bud who persuaded me to run for Marmora Village Council .   He even went out & campaigned for me!  
Every day before noon, Rita (who worked in the store) went down the street to their home to prepare their lunch - then went back to store & Bud went to house to eat. Visited them often when Bud was ill with cancer & Rita did such a great job of looking after him.
A comical note - They never voted the same.   One year during election time they agreed neither one would vote so they would not kill each other's vote.  Then Rita was told that Bud (who was usually working at back in meat dept) was seen running from the back to go up & vote - so out she went & ran up to vote herself.   Created some laughs!