Charlie Leonard  and  brothers  at their Mothers funeral 1927, Wm, Stephen, Charlie, James, John, Bert

Charlie Leonard  and  brothers  at their Mothers funeral 1927, Wm, Stephen, Charlie, James, John, Bert

                            THE YEAR IN A FLASH

It had been eight years since the Great War had ended,  yet unrest still surrounded the globe.  A military rebellion was crushed in Portugal, U.S. Marines invaded Nicaragua,  Catholic rebels in Mexico attacked the government there,  600 protesters in Vienna were injured when police fired on them,  and the Autumn Harvest Uprising occurred in  China.

Worthington  Ontario mine collapse

Charles Lindbergh 

The earth itself seemed in rebellion too.  China experienced an extreme earthquake  killing 40,000 people,  with more major earthquakes in Japan, Yugoslavia and Palestine.  This was the year that the volcanic island of Anak Krakatau began to form in the Sundra Strait.  In Mississippi,  a flood struck that was considered the greatest natural disaster in American history.

The clock that witnessed the murder of Jerome Keene

In Canada,  a ground fault gave way,  causing a mine and part of the town of Worthington, Ontario,  to collapse into a large chasm.  Nobody was injured as the area had been evacuated on the advice of a mine foreman.  

On the news front,  Montreal was horrified to find the Laurier Palace Theatre had burnedkilling 78 children,   Leon Trotsky was expelled from the Soviet Communist Party leaving Joseph Stalin to take control,  and in Pittsburgh,  the first armoured car robbery was committed by the Flatheads Gang.

In Kingston and Havelock  ON,  the Ku Klux Klan was lurking.   The Village of Marmora was left to solve the murder of Jerome Keene (to this day unsolved),  and the same year witnessed the burning of the soap factory on the east shore of the Crowe River,  just south of the dam.

But not all the news was bad.

It was a time of invention.,  especially in aviation.  On May 20,  Charles Lindbergh made his first solo, non-stop flight from New York to Paris, France,  in his single-engine aircraft,  the Spirit of St. Louis.  To the surprise of Marmora folk,  Col. Lindbergh ,  in the same plane,  made a fly-pass over Crowe Lake,  accompanied by 11 U.S. planes.

Pan American Airways took off for the first time,  leaving Key West Florida, to visit Havana, Cuba,  and in engineering news,  the Peace Bridge between Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo,  NY was opened not long after the Holland Tunnel under the Hudson River,  joiningNew York City to New Jersey.

1927 saw the Bell Telephone Co. transmit an image of Herbert Hoover,  which became the first successful television demonstration.  Canada celebrated Confederation with the first cross country radio broadcast and about the same time,  the U.S. began to regulate radio frequencies.

Model T Ford

In May of 1927,  Henry Ford announced the end of the Model T/Tin Lizzie production after 15 million had been produced,  but at the same time he unveiled the Model A.   It was also the year the first Volvo rolled off the production line in Sweden.  Other achievements  of the year included the pop-up toaster,  the quartz time-keeping piece,  the automatic record changer introduced by His Master's Voice,   the first iron lung and the beginning of the actual carving of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

The leisure side of life enjoyed some perks too.  Alfred Hitchcock released his first film as director with "The Pleasure Garden";  in New York the famous Roxy Theatre was opened by Samuel Roxy Rothafel; and "Show Boat" opened on  Broadway  to  become  the  first  great classic of musical theatre.    In Trenton,  known as "Hollywood of the North" ,  they began filming the very famous movie,  "Carry On Sargeant".   The #1  song of the year was  ."Ain't She Sweet".

1927 Trenton movie studio filming  "Carry on Sargeant"

In sports,  the Harlem Globetrotters played their first ever road game in Hinckley, Illinois on Jan. 7,    Babe Ruth became the highest paid baseball player with $70,000.00 per year  began and Paavo Nurmi from Finland ran the world record of 2000 metres in 5:24:6.  Interestingly,  during the diamond rush in South Africa that year,  trained athletes were hired by major companies to run and stake claims.

On the home front,  our folks enjoyed the establishment of the Old Age Pension,  and the Ontario Government introduced the driver's "licence".  Meanwhile,  the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that bootleggers must pay income tax.

Deloro Mining and Reduction Co.  was in full swing with its accident rate at the lowest ever,  and their baseball team won the  Central Ontario Championship that year.   The town folks celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of Confederation  in style,   and  established the Deloro Boy Scout Association that year.  But tragedy struck the town when  5 year old Walter Yasachuck fell in the Moira River there,  and was dragged over the dam. 

Meanwhile,  in Marmora,  on Oct. 7,  the town woke up to the shocking  news that Arthur Smith,  who worked in the bakery,  had died in the night in terrible circumstances. His clothing  had caught in the shaft of the flywheel of the machinery,  dragging him to his death.  His son, Gerald , l was to suffer a similar fate in 1936.

 Charles Lumiss and Robert Bonter built the Marmora Feed Mill behind Forsyth Street using materials from the old "Ledger " Gold Mine in Cordova.   That year Benjamin Roberts found himself in trouble for peddling Communist literature and Ewart Warren was arrested for grave tampering,  and later hanged for murder.

Lummiss/Bonter Feed Mill