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Working from start to finish at Marmoraton Mine

Gail (Young) Gordanier sent this photo,  adding"This photo is Frank Young (my dad) with a team of horses plowing the fields where the Mine pit was dug years later. He worked for the farmer who owned the land before the Mine existed. My dad worked at the Mine right up until the very last day of its closing."

Pat McCrodan wrote :  I was going to school at the Separate school when the news started circulating that they had discovered iron and a new mine was coming to town.[out behind the school]. Deloro was slowing down and the mine would keep the men working. Albert Maynes came to Marmora and started building, the liquor stoe, theatre, Richards Rest, two clothing stores where the old TEXACO stn was. Roy Frost, an electrican, started building behind the bank where the ESSO stn is now. The economy couldn't support two and Maynes suceeded.