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The Wells Brothers' Mill

Russell and Ritchie Wells did not only run a lumber yard in town,  but they also ran a mill on the Beaver Creek.

Wendi Wells-Lautenbach  sent these photos and wrote: 

TheWells brothers lumber store waslocated at 72 Forsyth street. Don Martin purchased the business from Russell and Ritchie Wells in the early 70's. The building itself is still there but was converted to apartments several years ago.   This first pictureis dated 1934. "Coming from the woods-Ritchie, Irvine and hired man." The Wells brothers did a fair amount of cutting up around the Mazinaw to stock the lumber yard in Marmora.

Phyllis & Ritchie Wells

Russell Wells


Ronald Barrons  added -  When my father purchased his Beaver Creek property, it was adjacent to where the Well's Brothers had a saw mill. This would have been in the 1950s.

Glenn Mawer worked at that saw mill while in public school,  loading slabs onto a horse drawn wagon .Wells Bros built a fork lift out of a army truck. He also remembers them installing a diesel motor to run the mill, replacing a steam engine.

Lew Barker also worked for them periodically in his early teens.

Wayne VanVolkenburg sent this photo

John VanVolkenburg in middle row.  Russell Wells is on the left bottom row and Bill Bishop next to him.