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Logans in Marmora

 From Chris Logan from Sudbury:

My father was Don Logan who passed away in November 2012. He was born and raised in Marmora. His father was Redmond Logan who lived where the nursery school is located on Forsythe St. In November of 1972 Don bought 66 Forsythe St. and renovated it bringing running water, plumbing and central heat to the house. I was born in 1973 and went to Sacred Heart school as did my father. We both had Verna Hughes as a teacher. Don worked at the Marmora Mine until it closed and was a member of the Lions club in the early 1980s.   Our family moved to Sudbury in 1984 to be closer to work for Don. The whole family always felt Marmora was home more than Sudbury.   Unfortunately for me, many of the properties in Marmora that had a lot of memories are now gone.  Redmond Logan's home burned down in the 1980s  (73 Forsythe) and was replaced with the Nursery School. In 2010 our old home at 66 Forsythe burned down, and my school Sacred Heart has been replaced.  but replaced with far better buildings. I miss dad mostly when it comes to finding things about Marmora and not being able to share them with him. He would have loved your facebook page and website.

Marmoraton Mining 1949-50 Joe Young and Don Logan diamond drilling

Digging Roman Catholic Church, 1950, Red Logan,  Father O'Neill,  Char. Clemens Sr., Arnie Vesterfelt,