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Just before the flow of Belmont Lake enters the mouth of the Crowe River,  the waters  used to pass by the  Sylvan Lodge.  The property was owned and operated by C.Roger Young and his wife,  Doris.  Coincidentally, the property next door, "Belmont House", was once part of the Young farm. 
The motel unit was later divided into sections, placed on lots and sold as cottages  along with the cabins.  Others were skidded on the ice and relocated elsewhere on  Belmont Lake and Crowe River and converted to  cottages as well. The Young family retained the lodge as a residence.

Wayne Vanvolkenburg,  who provided these photos,  recalls a local resident telling him that he went to dances at this location.   While probably  a "dry event",   he had a way of circumventing that!



Cathie Jones:  Roger and Doris had two children, Susan and Kent.   Dr. Bob and Lois Shatford, Audree and Glen Wentworth and Grace and Huey Christie all had cottages on this property in the late 50's and 60's...that is where I learned to waterski behind Shatfords wooden boat.  Rene Bourbeau and Jim Cummings used to come over and they all would play bridge...thanks for the memories..