"The Suffragettes' Convention" was put on by a number of local talent in the Town Hall Friday evening. The cast of characters includes: Mrs. F. S.Pearce, MIss Helen Southworth, Miss Alma Sweet, Miss Bessie Sweet, Mrs. W. P. Woodger, Miss Edith Archer, Miss Edith Smith, Miss Alice Wilson:Miss M. English, Mrs. D. E. Bell, Miss B.Condie, MIss Leila Hogarth  and Mr. D. E. Bell who became an ardent advocate of "Woman Suffrage". Deloro Orchestra provided music during intermissions. The proceeds were for funds of Women's Institute.

"We are engaged in a glorious work — we are to free the women of thiscountry — to free them from the shackles which have bound them for centuries. You know how earnestly I believe in thisgreat work, but I regret to say there are still some of our mis- guided sisters (antis nudge one another ; whispered remarks, etc.), who have not yet seen the light, so I have invited them here to-night to hear our eloquent speakers, hoping that their eyes may be opened to their wonderful privilege and duty. {More nudges, etc.) The time is coming, and coming soon {voice very loud and high), when women shall have the vote. "

This comical play included thirteen characters identified as: "suffragette speaker" (2 characters), "anti-suffragette" (four characters), "suffragette" (two characters), "engaged" (1 character), "would like to be engaged" (1 character), "becomes an ardent advocate of woman suffrage" (1 character), and "great on style" (1 character), and "presiding officer" (1 character).


In July of 1935,  Captain Larry O'Brien,  also known as Chief Split Sky,  gave an outdoor show with his tame bear on McGill Street.  He also sold a number of Indian remedies.



Jeff and the Continentals  c.1963     Photo by T. O'Neill


Jamie McCoy I tried to get it started back up again one year when I was a kid. Probably 12 or so. We only had 3 entries. $100 for first place, $75 for second, and $25 for third.  Wendy McCoy:   I remember that  Jeremy was in it that year as well. He got 2nd. Tyler Booth got 1st. Jer had the black and yellow car, Tyler's was red and mine was painted like Gumby.

Dustin Caldwell   My dad built a really nice one when I was a kid!

Pat Derry Jason Derry ran these races . I remember he won 1sr place in one of them . I still have the pictures and ribbon .

Christine Cuddy  I won that race one year..loved it

Wendy McCoy I remember that  Jeremy was in it that year as well.

Annmarie Willman-Spry writes  Franklin & Doris Smith lived next door to Jim Spry on Cameron St.. He said they were great people.


1992   St. Paul's "Mystery History Tour"


Big Bike Ride - Heart & Stroke Foundation  - 1994

1997 MHF's Baronial Bumble

A full bus load of 42 historical buff's from Marmora were taken on a tour of choice sights, planned by Andre Philpot and Cathie Jones, of the Marmora Historical Foundation.  With his usual style of lighthearted commentary. Andre led the bumblers to "Film Street" in Trenton, where he explained David Manners starred in the historically famous film"Carry on Sergeant" (1927). It was Canada's first epic film produced in the Trenton studios, known as "Hollywood North." : Just as important was the link to Marmora, where Manners was known to vacation on a regular basis at the Pearce Cottage on Crowe Lake. Second stop was the "Kente Portage Road" at Carrying Place. It is one of the oldest roads in Canada: being at the junction of three canoe routes, it was an important meeting place in the 1660's of local natives and the Sulpican Order of missionaries from Europe.

By 10:30 a.m., the tour bus pulled into the Ameliasburgh Museum -- a volunteer-run working museum, featuring a running steam engine with a 20 foot fly wheel, a blacksmith hard at work, and a quilt display by the Women's Institute celebrating 100 years of accomplishments. This museum houses a delightful collection of rural Ontario's history, set out in a variety of small buildings in a park-like atmosphere.

Lunch was next at the Isaiah Tubb's Resort, over Iooking the Sandbanks. Although the Sandbanks themselves are a trip for another day, a brief geological history of the formation was offered. explaining how the troublesome sand, although now a perfect beach and tourist area., advanced over the last 100 years to bury the Evergreen Hotel and several roads. 

The bus then headed to Picton, with a 20-minute shopping stop in picturesque Bloomfield. A quick stop was made at the "Lake On The Mountain" overlooking the old Glenora Mill, then a visit to the recently renovated Crystal Place at the fairgrounds. Built in 1886 as an exhi- bition barn, it is the last remaining such building in North America. Originally being one of many constructed around the British Commonwealth in the style of London's 1851 Crystal Place, it was $2,500 to build.



Rose Payer & Cathie Jones claiming "Communities in Bloom" prize - 2002


2000 - The Millenium Trans Canada Trail

Work continues in efforts to get all our Millennium Trails ready for the Trans Canada Relay 2000. The water carriers will be arriving at Marmora Memorial Park around 5:00 p.m., Thursday, August 31.  Brian Goodchild, Bill Somerville, and Ralph McKee have been the key volunteer team captains,  and at present, have over 80 volunteers working together to prepare our Marmora trails.  Trail builders have been working tirelessly to get all three legs of the Trail ready, despite delays that were beyond their control.

Celebrations on August 31 will start at 4:00 p.m. with lots of activities for the whole family. There will be music, speeches, a ribbon cutting and possibly the biggest celebration cake Marmora has ever seen.  From CFB Trenton, the paratroop "Skyhawks" will be dropping in (literally!).  There's a beef barbeque, Marmora Trail Mix, a beer tent and two bands playing from 8:00 p.m. until 11:00p.m.  A Relay and event like this creates lasting memories for those who participate and share in the excitement.

Congratulations to organizers  Jane McCoy, Julie Maynes, Linda Bracken and their committees, who want to share the spirit of Relay 2000 with you. Together we make our communities strong and strong communities mean a strong Canada.


2005 - OntarioHeritage Foundation      Open Doors Remembering St. Matilda's with Doug Lynch


Courtesy of "Marmora TV"