Celebrating and addressing the importance of social, economic, cultural and political achievement and well-being of women & girls.           



A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water"                      Eleanor Roosevelt
If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation)” African Proverb
 In our society, the women who break down barriers are those who ignore limits" ...Arnold Schwarzeneggar
The age of a woman doesn't mean a thing. The best tunes are played on the' oldest fiddle"                    Ralph Waldo Emerson
Women hold up half the sky" ...Mao Zedong
 Women are the real architects of society" ... Cher
If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman"                       Margaret Thatcher
 I measure a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.         B. R.Amberkar

MARY L. GILLEN was engaged as a member of the Dominion Bank to take the place of Mr. Lewis in 1916. A shortage of men, owing to the war made it necessary for banks to hire women, thus Mary led the way for women to work in our bank in all capacities. Mary was born in Deloro in 1891 and started working at the Marmora Branch in April, 1916, at the age of 22. Marriage and raising a family took her away from Marmora but Mary returned each summer with her family to their family cottage at her beloved Crowe Lake and this cottage is still used by her family.

Marmora Council -  jack Grant, Bill, Monk, stew Fisher, jean Hanley, grant Airhart, Carol Church,  clerk-treasurer

                                                                                                        JEAN HANLEY  was the first woman to serve as a councillor for the Village of Marmora in 1979. Amother of five and a saleswoman for Bowes and Cocks Real Estate, Jean was a unanimous choice of council to replace Bert Gray, who had resigned after moving away from Marmora.  Mrs. Hanley also served as President of the Catholic Women's League and it was thought by council that,  as a nurse,  she would be of great help with the medical centre problems.   A record of diligence and hard work in the next election garnered Jean the distinction of topping the polls allowing her to continue with the work she had started when appointed to council the year before.

NASIM KASSAM was Marmora's first women pharmacist, arriving in our town December 11, 1985.   Until 1985, Marmora's druggists had all been men. Nasim purchased the Rexall Drug Store from Clint Nickle upon his retirement and continued the tradition of caring for the people of Marmora and area.


MIRIAM SAVAGE was the first woman to assume the position of Clerk of the Village of Marmora after the death of E.C.Prentice in 1960, a position she held until December 1970.   Previously Miss Savage had been appointed to run the insurance business after the death of C.A. Bleecker in 1945 and continued in this capacity until Gordon Bennett purchased the business in 1969.
Miss Savage also acted as Secretary Treasurer of the Marmora Hydro Commission as well as Secretary Treasurer of the School Board and Treasurer of the Marmora Library Board.  Shewas considered by auditors to be the best Clerk Treasurer in Hastings County and was often consulted by other municipalities when they had problems.  "Miss Savage was a very modest person with a wonderful personality and a dislike for publicity where she and her work were concerned" Reeve Bill Shannon was quoted as saying.

DOCTOR VICTORIA WELLMAN of Wellman's Corners leased an apartment in the Marmora Memorial Building and started her practice there in 1933. Doctor Wellman specialized in diseases of women and children. In the 1930's women Doctors were a bit of a rarity, especially one who set up in a private practice as opposed to a hospital setting.

HELENA BENEDICTA McCALLUM was born in Marmora in 1878. She received her schooling here and continued her education as a graduate of Saint Michael's Hospital, Toronto.  Upon graduation Helena enlisted in the Royal Canadian Women's Army Corps and went overseas in 1915 to serve as a Nursing Sister at Salonica and France making her,  along with Victoria Eastwood,  the first women from Marmora to serve their country during WW1.

VICTORIA EASTWOOD:  Nursing sister , Victoria Eastwood,  was a nurse that sailed off to Europe for WW1 with Helena McCallum.  She received a special citation from Sir Douglas Haig for "gallant and distinguished conduct."  (Field Marshal Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig, KT, GCB, OM, GCVO, KCIE, ADC was a senior officer of the British Army. During the First World War he commanded the British Expeditionary Force on the Western Front from late 1915 until the end of the war.)

Canadian nursing sistersWW1

Marmora Herald  May 6, 1915      Miss Victoria Eastwood of Marmora and Miss Helena Benedicta McCallum (1878-1951) of Deloro will sail for Europe with a party of Canadian trained registered nurses from McGill University, Montreal. They have all volunteered their services with the Canadian Army in France.                                                                        
Marmora Herald June 15, 1916- Miss Victoria Eastwod,  a former Marmora girl who went to the front early in the war as a nurse,  is among the list of those receiving special mention from Sir Douglas Haig for gallant and distinguished conduct.


ANNE PHILPOT has worn many hats since arriving in Marmora. She was a founding member of the board of the Children's Nursery Centre, a position she held for many years.  She was the driving force behind the purchase and development of Nayler's Common Wetland and Trails. Anne started the Crowe Lake Sailing School and was the first woman to chair Marmora SnoFest.
Anne was a founding member of the Marmora Historical Foundation and is still very involved in the day to day running of it and now in her spare time has become an accomplished artist.


JO-ANN REID was the first woman to become a manager of the Toronto Dominion Bank in Marmora in 1986. Jo-Ann broke the male dominance of 17 men that came before her, opening the doors for other women to follow in her footsteps.

Catherine Reynolds


CATHERINE REYNOLDS was not the youngest person to join the Marmora Fire Depart- ment but the fact that she was a woman certainly was a first in the history of Marmora.   She was selected by the department, her name was then approved by the joint fire committee and finally approved by Marmora Village council in 1993. Catherine took her place alongside 20 men and in so doing became Marmora's first woman firefighter.



MISS MABEL CAMPBELL was the first woman to assume the position of principal of one of our local schools. This position had always been filled by a man but in 1925 Miss Campbell was the principal of Marmora Continuation School.


Wilma Brady Bush with Lion Dan Bateman

WILMA BUSH ran uncontested for the position of Reeve of the Village of Marmora, making her the first woman of occupy that position in 1997.
Wilma served 9 years on council before assuming this position. She served on joint services committee, sat on the board of Dr. Parkin Living Centre and was chairperson of the local library board.  is an active member of the Seniors and Lions Club.

MARTHA DALE attended the first public school in Marmora, which was an old stone structure on the east side of the river.  She was a practical nurse long before there were many trained nurses in smaller centres such as Marmora and up until her death in 1934 she helped usher countless babies into the world. Martha was highly esteemed by all her knew her.