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Erratum:  Alex Booth wrote:  The Marmora mine workers list includes my uncle Donald (Dan) Booth,  but he never worked there.  It was my father Dean Booth. The birth date is right though. For some reason Bert is not listed but you do have a picture of him.

6th - Ray Shucavage - no photo

1968 Accounting staff: Ron Henry, Ray Smith, Gary Kelly, Chrlie Bingham, Alex FrASER, tOM bROOKS, tOM hANLEY, UNKNOWN


March 22, 1972

Retirement Dinner For Alex Fraser

Bethlehem Steel Alex Fraser, Verna Fraser

A retirement party in honour of a well-known and community minded resident Mr. Alex F. Fraser who will be retiring December 31, 1972, from Marmora- ton 'Mining Company, was held recently in the Sagonaska Lounge of the Four Seasons Hotel, Belleville. Mr. Fraser was manager of the Dominion Bank in Marmora from 1946 to August 17, 1953, when he joined the staff of the Marmoraton Mining Company. In September of 1955 he was appointed to resident Auditor and Assistant Treasure succeed- ing Mr. S. S. Shaak who had been transferred to the home office in Bethlehem, P. A. It is evident that Mr. Fraser is held in high regard by the number of staff members who attended the celebration from the Marmoraton Mining Company and the executives of the Bethlehem Steel Corporation Accounting and Mining Departments. Master of Ceremonies Tom Hanley, Administrative Assistant, gave a brief resume of Mr. Fraser's background. Among other things, Mr. Fraserwas a councillor for the Village of Marmora for 11 years, a charter member and president af the Marrnora Chamber of Commerce in 1947, Finance Chairman for the building of the Dr. Hamilton Crawford Memorial Arena and Treasurer of the Old Boys' Re-union in 1947. Mr. Shaak was called upon to introduce the head table and other guests.

Mr. Lorne (Buck) Hornsby and Mr. Ray Smithpresented Mr. and Mrs. Fraser with a slide projector on behalf of the company and staff. In their replies, .Mr. and Mrs. Fraser thanked all those who had con- tributed in any way to the enjoyment of the evening and the fine gift. Congratulations and best wishes were extended byMr. A. M. Reed,  Vice-President and Comptroller Accounting; Mr. E. P. Leach - Vice-President, Mining;   Mr. J. A. Rossetti, Assistant
Vice-President and Assistant Comptroller, Accounting; Mr. S. J. Shale - Assistant .Vice-Presidentand General Manager, Mining: Mr. H. O. Olsen,  Manager, Cornwall Division; -Mr. J. S. McChesney,  General Superinter.dent, Grace Mine, .Morgantown, P.A.; Mr. George Wisti,   General Superintendent,'  Marmoraton Mining Company; Mr. J. H. Atkinson Assistant Superintendnt. Marmoraton Mining Company. 

Mr.  and Mrs. A. J. (Sandy): Fraser Marmora and Mrs. Judy Colins, who travelled all the way from Widbey Island, Washington State, U.S.A., were present for the celebration honouring their parents.

Mr.Fraser has no definite plans for his retirement but is, looking forward to having the leisure time to pursue his hobbies of fishing, bird watching and photography. The officials of Bethlehem Steel Corporation and theirwives arrived by company plane at Trenton Airport.
Dec. 6, 1972,  Marmora Herald

1968 Marmora Mine Retirement of Lorenson, w. Fraser & Hanley

1968 Marmoraton Mine 1st head, Al Lorenson w. Alex Fraser

Alex Frser. Joyce Campion, Sandy Fraser

Glenn Derry on left and Cecil Bell on right.

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. Bill MacDonald, Maurice Fenton Cecil Bell, George 'Buck' Mantle; ; Glen Derry; George Osborne, Bill Monk;

.Glen Derry; Maurice Fenton; George 'Buck' Mantle; Bill Monk; Bill MacDonald, George Osborne

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Barbara Brooks Ednie  writes: "Hi. I'm the 9th child of Stan Brooks and Betty Moffatt Brooks. My hometown is Marmora. My dad worked at the mine for many years. I remember sitting beside him in the big truck driving around the mine. he would give me a short tour. In 1978 I remember my dad leaving for South America to work in Argentina at a mine there. I was 8 at the time. It was just for one year ."     (owned a farm north of Marmora)

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Ron Barrons writes:  (this photo) "shows a collection of ‘equipment’ medallions that my father Harry Barrons collected while working at the Marmoraton Mines. My father always carried a pocket watch and one of these would be attached to watch that he carried.  My father was a driller at the mine, so I especially look at photographs including drills. He was hired on the second major hiring day and worked there until its closing.

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