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A CORDOVA MINES STORY by Anthony Seabreeze

Believe it or not I grew up in this home and so did my Mom and her Family. This house was no mansion by any sense of the imagination but when my parents sold the house it was still livable. I have many fond memories of this house from Saturday night guitar and fiddle playing, pulling out of the driveway after freezing rain and sliding to the bottom of the hill eyes wide and white knuckling the steering wheel. Snow so deep you couldn't see the farmers fences and playing hockey at the outdoor rink in Cordova,

Scott's dam - Fire road 18, Belmont Twp

swimming at the deer river bridge and partying at Scott's Dam until the wee hours, sneaking in after hoping we didn't get caught which we always did but my parents were cool.I now have my own family, home and now making new memories but I will never forget where I'm from my roots and my home.

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