Richard A. Dominico - Novelist

After completing a linotype apprenticeship in a daily newspaper, Richard A. Dominico returned to school to become a teacher of English. Since first teaching the Writer’s Craft, he  has  been experimenting with the creation of his own stories.  Asked what got him into writing,  he replied,  "I had long been teaching other people's stories.  I noticed that people listened to me when I talked.  I wondered if I could get that same attention with my own written stories."

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Richard Dominico's novels are available in epub, mobi and most other ebook formats for download at your favourite ebook retailers.

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 Beare Parts

John Coliani, a high school teacher, splits up with his lawyer wife, says a painful goodbye to his two daughters, and returns to his hometown to heal and to finish out his teaching career. Life, however, turns out very differently from his expectations when he overhears a conversation. It seems that an illegal trade in the organs of bears is flourishing. The conversation accidentally overheard by John also holds a clue to the mysterious disappearance of a couple 40 years ago. It is only when he experiences first one, and then a second attempt on his life, that he realizes someone is out to kill him. He is dealing with all of this while trying to adjust to a new life in what has become a very lonely hometown, while also missing his daughters and the woman with whom he is still very much in love.

Goodnight, Prince Hal

Individual human identity is a complex that manifests itself in the wearing of masks, radically at odds with each other. No one sees in the mirror what others see, a painful epiphany for those who encounter it. John Zapoti saw himself as a hard-working lawyer and politician, an upright citizen making a living and a difference. Martha, his wife, however, saw a workaholic. His cousin-lover Angie loved a satyr. While Virginia experienced a tyrant, and Peter perceived a miser, Brian Percy was both alienated by and attracted to John Zapoti. Boyhood friend Gerry was hurt by his fickle Prince Hal. Rival Henry Percy detested the money-grubbing enemy he saw in him. Zapoti’s townsmen thought they saw a wannabe murderer. Even his death was not what it seemed to those he left behind. In the end, only Angie Schiavone came close to understanding there is no official version of anyone.

       Peter's Story

Peter s Story.jpg

 It is a truism that life can change in significant ways when someone comes into unexpected wealth. Peter Zapoti is surprised, as is his half sister Virginia, by how much money and real estate their late father, John Zapoti, leaves to both of them in his will. While the windfall allows Peter the opportunity to pursue his dream of writing serious fiction, to give up his day job as a restaurant reviewer and write his first novel, he finds himself afraid to make the plunge. What if he fails? Will his desired identity be no longer available to him? Will he discover it's only been a fantasy, that he is no better than a hack writer? While he works out his destiny, his sister Virginia also makes a significant discovery, about how she really feels about this long lost half-brother of hers.

Tarp Shack

Three narrative voices—three successive generations in one family, tell their own interconnected stories—one story really, of the events that take place at one tarp shack in a woodlot, the archetypal secret hideout in the woods. Phil, a stroke victim, is imprisoned both in his wheelchair and in his own angry past. While fuming away towards final combustion in the nursing home, he bonds with his disaffected and alienated grandson, Jason. Both are wannabe dropouts, the one from life and the other from high school. One’s anger is tempered by the other’s humour. Phil and Jason are connected through a middle generation, Fern. He is Phil’s son and Jason’s father, and he cannot bear to lose either of them, while trying to deal with the ghosts from his own past.