The Crawford/Shannon house, located at 55 Madoc Street in Marmora,  was built in 1890 for Laughlin Crawford by Patrick Shannon in the days when lumber was very plentiful. A typical frame house of the time, it has many fine features, especially in the living room.  Patrick Shannon was known to have built at least four houses in Marmora before he left for Seattle, Washington State, following the death of his first wife. On settling there, he joined two of his brothers, Doctors James Shannon and William Shannon, who became eminent physicians and surgeons.   Another brother, Daniel Shannon, remained in Marmora.

Before the house was sold outside the Shannon family,  it was lived in by James (Jim) Laughlin Shannon and his wife,  Ida May Mulligan, until their deaths in 1993 & 1994 respectively.  In Mr.  Shannon's scrap book was an item about the visit of Mr & Mrs John Donohue of Melavale, Sask. paid to Jim's parents, Mr & Mrs Daniel Shannon. The clipping goes on to say that John Donohue hadn't seen his sister in 66 years because their parents died unexpectedly in Saskatchewan. Sarah Donohue Shannon was raised by her uncle & aunt, Mr & Mrs. Laughlin Crawford, at their Madoc Street home in Marmora.

Sarah Donahue and Daniel Shannon

Sarah Donohue's future husband, Daniel Shannon, was born in Marmora Township of Irish immigrants who had come to Canada during the terrible potato famine. He started work on a farm, then was employed in the hardware business owned by his brother-in-law, John Dempsey. Later on, he was able to purchase the business from Mr Dempsey and carried on a thriving hardware business in Marmora for over 50 years.
The site of the Shannon Hardware Store has been occupied by Fisher Stoves,   the All Seasons Flower Shop & Sears & Debbie Drummond's gift store on the north end,   and the Marmora Mini-Mart at the south end..

Sarah Donohue brought to the marriage a large tract of land along Madoc Street and reaching back to Crawford Drive,  which had been left to her by Mr & Mrs Laughlin Crawford in addition to their home. The property was divided up amongst their three sons and one daughter and the whole area is now built up.

Retailing and community service seems to have attracted many of the Shannon men. After Daniel had done his civic duty by serving on Marmora Village Council for 14 years, he was followed by his second son, William, (better known as Bill) who served one term as councillor, 14 years as Reeve and one year as Warden of Hastings County in Centennial Year, 1967. Bill also took over as Clerk-Treasurer of Marmora Village following the death of Miss Miriam Savage and provided the residents with much valuable assistance based on his municipal experience.

William Shannon with with wife, Dorena on hisleft

James Laughlin Shannon

James, known as Jim, , the eldest son, was the only one of the family to carry on a business. He graduated as a pharmacist from Toronto University, following which he went to work in several Toronto pharmacies. He became ill and decided to return to Marmora. On regaining his health, he and brother Bill formed a partnership to open a pharmacy on Forsyth Street in 1933, a business that continued for over 40 years until Jim retired. In the meantime Bill became interested in municipal politics and thenthe administration.

Tom, the youngest son, went to work for Deloro Smelting & Refining Company after he finished school, enlisted in World War II and served overseas for four years. When he returned, he went to work for his father-in-law, Clayton McGee of Stirling, at his hardware store. He and his wife, Bernadette, returned to Marmora when the Marmoraton Mine opened in 1952 andTom worked there as manager of the parts department until the mine closed down.

Marion Shannon graduated as a registered nurse from St Joseph's Hospital in Toronto. She married Doctor Thomas O. Byrnes, was widowed, remarried to Fred Paquette (Paquet), and has since died.

In 1995, with his brothers and sister gone, and the younger Shannons scattered, Tom Shannon decided to put the place up for sale.



PATRICK            JAMES             WILLIAM          DANIEL                                                                                               and Sarah Donohue (niece of Laughlin Crawford)                


  •  James (Jim) Laughlin Shannon married Ida May Mulligan
  •  William Shannon married Dorena Gehan
  •  TomShannon married Bernadette McGee
  •   Marionmarried 1.  Dr. Thomas Byrnes                                                             2. Fred Paquette