Between 1874 and 1881, approximately forty county atlases were published in Canada, covering counties in the Maritimes, Ontario and Quebec.  Forty Ontario counties were covered by these 32 atlases,  Hastings County being one of them.

"Each of the county atlases consisted of a historical text, township and town maps, portraits, views and patrons' directory / business cards. But more important, names of residents were marked on the lots of the township maps in these county atlases. Unfortunately only the names of subscribers were recorded on the township maps for the Dominion of Canada supplements. All of these atlases were sold by subscription. Prominent county residents paid an additional sum to have biographical sketches, portraits and views of their residences or businesses included in the atlases,"  advises the  writers of the Canadian County Atlas Digital Project.

Unfortunately for those researching  in Marmora and Lake Township,  the residents at the time had no time for  such frivolous spending.  Consequently the Township details are omitted.

The Marmora Historical Foundation with the help of Wayne VanVolkenburg are trying to rectify the situation.  Wayne,  and his son, Matthew,  have spent  countless hours tracking down the old records,  photographing  over 500 pages in the old abstract books,  editing the photos and ultimately compiling a list of original land patents,  which we are thrilled to add to our website,  below.  The next step,  of course,  is to get the information mapped for all to see.