John Minihan,  Alice Minihan,  Jim Minihan Allie Minihan Lot 25 Conc 1


Richard Maloney             


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      Patrick            Matthew          James Maloney             Alice  Maloney     Margaret Jane        Ed Maloney        William           Michael                         1813-1893           1819-1888      + Anne Butler             1819- Oct 4, 1910                                 + Ellen Shannon   in Ireland       in Ireland                                                                                            +  Lawrence Minihane                                                                                                                                 1803-1863 Died in Ireland                 

                                                                                                    a.k.a.  MONAHAN


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 John Minihane       Patrick  Minihane    Margaret Minihane       ALICE OR ALLIE MINIHANE   James Minihane     MARY MINIHANE+                   1852-Apr 1935       1843- Aug. 1876      1855-May 12 1879       Mar. 14, 1860- July 20, 1959     1862-1954                     +Edward Rohan         

                                                                  + Married Nealon                                                                                                                          |

                                                                   Son was priest?                                                                                                                             |


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 ANNIE ELIZABTH ROHAN                        Elizabeth (Lizzie) Rohan                    WILLIAM ROHAN           KATE (CATHERINE) ROHAN    8 more children

                    +                                                              1870-1966                                      +                                      1888-1930

 Thomas (or Neil) QUINLAN                                  +  John Tobin                                 Ellen                            +  Louis Meyers 1876-1963

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  MARY MARGARET QUINLAN                                       MaryRohan                                        Elizabeth                 Carmelita Meyers              Anne

        (Adopted from U.S.)                                                  in picturein Ireland                             + John O'Keefe                                                                    

    + Thomas Dennis O'Connor                                                                                                          |________________                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         |

        ___________________________________________________________________________________                          John O'Keefe                                  

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      John O'Connor    Raymond O'Connor   Wanda O'Connor     Ann O'Connor         Larry O'Connor             Deirdre O'Keefe+ Daly                           + MargaretBronson     +Maureen Byrnes                                                                                                                                                     


Elizabeth Tobin nee Rohan, John Minihane and Katie Meyers Rohan1920's

Elizabeth Tobin nee Rohan, John Minihane and Katie Meyers Rohan 1920s

Mary Quinlan O'Connor

Mary Quinlan O'Connor

Mary Quinlan O'Connor

Mary Rohan in 1995 at   Hermitage, (c.1829) Castleconnell, Co Limerick,    (niece of Katie meyers and anne quinlan                  the rohan girls would have been born here and it is still in the family.   

Tom O'Connor

Annie Elizabeth Quinlan nee Rohan

John Tobin, Elizabeth Tobin nee Rohan and Katierohan Meyersc.1920

John Tobin

John Tobin

Ronald Barrons writes:  Deirdre Daly's letter clarifies somewhat my knowing Alice as a Monahan. And also there was a Moloney (I believe Ed) family living directly across Croft Road from the Monahan farm. This photo with my grandmother Lena, who took care of Jim and Alice during their final years.


Lena Barrons, Alice MinihanE,  Dr, McCarthy   1955

The Maloney Family about 1906

The,Maloneys  were intermarried to many families in Marmora and at least 3 into my O'Neill and Shannon relatives.  The names in the photo are:  Back row left to right:   Patrick,Annie,Alice,Margaret and John                                                                                                                                        Middle row:   Annie "Butler" Moloney, Katherine and James                                                                                                                                                Front row:  Bridget,Mary and Fanny.                                                                                                                                                                          Katherine married Archie O'Neill and moved to North Dakota where Archie died soon after,Bridget married William O'Neill and at the time with  all of them talking about moving out west , she said to William ," Leave my bed here.   I'm staying in Marmora."                                                        Francis married Ed Shannon.  .I will have to look up who the other Maloney's married later, I just wanted to get this Picture to you.

Maloneys,  submitted by Bill O'Keefe