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"Nothing in the world of wildlife photography inspires me more than viewing the capture of another wildlife photographer and thinking to myself "Man.....I wish I had taken that!"

rainbow trout at the fish ladder in Ganaraska River - Port Hope


"Viewing the beauty of Mother Nature is indeed a privilege. To be able to record it with a camera is an added blessing. There is so much wildlife for us to enjoy, photograph and share with the world. 
Learning the habitats and habits of the accessible species makes it easier to capture the lively interactions of their daily routines. Our wildlife has to survive under some pretty harsh conditions and can amaze us with their inspiring perseverance.
I have learned the harder I work at it, the more opportunities I get for the images I want. It is a rewarding and enjoyable challenge to do a good job of photographing a bird in flight or an animal involved in one of the different aspects of its daily living.

I hope those who view these digital images get as much enjoyment out of them as I have had acquiring them."


Lloyd is a resident of Marmora and member of the Madoc Photo Club.

You can see more photos of Lloyd Holmes on the Municipal Website CLICK HERE and on FACEBOOK - CLICK HERE. He is also featured in an article on the website "Meanwhile at the Manse".

Copies of these digital images may be obtained by contacting the photographer at    glloydholmes@gmail.com



Great Gray Owl - Harmony Wetlands                                                                                        Red Fox - Cordova

Red-tail Hawk that has just caught a chipmunk

Scarlet Tanager - Prince Edward Point during spring migration


Blue-winged Teal -Brighton Constructed Marsh

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