We're happy to showcase another artist that we just found.  Gerry Sanders,  a carver of wood and soapstone,  moved to Marmora from Stirling in 1990,  and now is living in the old  Bleecker House  at the corner of Madoc and Victoria Streets.

Starting as a hobby in 1988,  carving has become such a passion that Gerry is looking to sell his works.  And it seems this passion comes naturally.  Both his grandfather and his great grandfather were wood workers at the Pearce Mills down by the dam,  back in "the olden days".

The barn at his property is now his shop,  with the workshop in the hayloft.  There you can find Gerry  working on his art form  with a chain saw,  or working closely with hand tools.

For  sales information about his carving,  you can call him at 613 472 0533.