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Jami, a female rancher, operates a large horse and crop ranch and runs a variety of programs on the property. She is very much a rancher of the twenty-first century, dealing with programs and issues that offer sustainable growth for healthy living. She finds her self in a dispute with the new mysterious neighbor next door over wild horses that have always roamed the two properties. He has quit cultivating his thousands of acres of ranch land and has secret development plans he hopes to incorporate should a zoning change be passed. Despite the conflicts between the two neighbors, Jami is convinced that this gorgeous, sexy, Rancher who is living to the east is the man of her dreams after falling in love with him at first sight. The two share an amazing relationship and can’t seem to get enough of each other.

Two honeymooners on a sailing trip are separated and both are picked up by devious people. A tale of romance, drama, suspense and corruption. A short and easy to read story.

My grandfather's murder   Based on the true 1920 murder of my Grandfather, a farmer from Upper Canada

This little novella is a tale of two splendid cities and how the rich culture of the Greeks has influenced the development of the entire community along with the lives of its inhabitants. It investigates the need to preserve wetlands and sponges and the vital role that they play in the health of our planet. It explores the Greek Orthodox Religion and Saint Nicholas.