Photography is my passion in life, wildlife is my prime interest and I enjoy all aspects of it!
My website is dedicated to the Memory of my Grandparents, the late Raymond and Nellie Armitage.

It was through their guidance and wisdom and love of the outdoors and nature, that hooked me to the creatures around us. They taught me that Wildlife is important and needs to be understood, preserved, protected and appreciated at all costs... and for that, I say Thank You....

Although Wildlife Photography is not my full time day job, it does encompass more than it's far share of my time!! Wildlife and the conservation of it is of the utmost importance, and it is the responsibility of each and everyone of us to educate the younger generations, about just how important it really is. As a Photographer I strive to do that with my pictures.




 My favourite and3rd place winner across Ontario few years back in the Ontario Conservation photo contest.




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