A spur line from the Central Ontario Railwayto Ormsby, a.k.a. Coe Hill Junction,  was built in 1884 to service the newly opened iron ore mines.  Coe Hill was named after William Coe of Madoc. He formed the Coe Hill Mines Company, after Harry Johnson had discovered iron deposits in a hill.  Coe Hill alsobecame a principal shipping point for the giant Rathburn Lumber Company. As many as 100 teams a day came with loads ready to be shipped south on the Central Ontario Railway.

(These photos are most likely taken by Galaugher Photography of Marmora in 1884,  as they were accompanied by a photo of the 1884 train arriving in Marmora for the first time in 1884,  which photo is marked with the Gallaugher stamp)