84 Forsyth Street - Ella Lawlor's Nursing Home


We don't know too much about this house,  other than it was built in 1884 and was used as a nursing home delivering babies for many years.  We'd like to compile a list of babies born here,  so be sure to let us know if you have information.

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Born here:


  • To Pat & Marion Bertrand, a daughter on 22 Jan.


  • To Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Seeney, a son on Dec.28
  • Joan Smith Warren, Nov 1
  • Dan TerrionOct. 24,
  • Regina Ellis,  but we dont' know what year



  • To Mr. & Mrs. John Clairmont, a daughter on July 9
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Meehan, a daughter on July 20
  •  Margaret Elaine McCoy b. July 21. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Carl McCoy


  •  May 30,  Ken Brooks, son of Daisy and George Brooks of Deloro,


  • James David Cotton b. April 8. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Harry Cotton
  • Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Warren, a daughter on Jan. 4
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Albert Layton, a son on Jan. 10
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Lynch, a son on Feb. 28
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Phillips, a son(Bill?) March 4
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Don Shannon, a son(Leo?) April 30


  • Wayne VanVolkenburgDec 17

  •  Dennis O'Connor wrote:  I think I was born there. Mum and Dad always said I was born in a house near the beer store but I never knew just where.


  • Ellen Anne O'Connor


  • Leo O'Connor


  • To Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Acorn, a son on Sept. 26
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Murphy, a daughter on Sept. 23


  • Catherine Murray 
  • Dennis Callery Sept 3


  • To Mr. & Mrs. James Walker, a son on Aug. 3
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Borden Bell, a daughter on June 10
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sopha, a son on Oct. 22
  • Cecelia Murray
  • Connie (Bell) Wellman1952


  • To Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hulsman, a daughter on Dec. 27
  • Joanne Elizabeth Logan b. May 17. Parents: Mr. & Mrs. Charles Logan
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Gazley, a son, on March 17
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Snider, a daughter, on Mar. 19
  • To Mr. & Mrs. William Doyle, a son, Oct. 22
  • To Mr. & Mrs. Albert Leonard, a daughter, Sharon Elizabeth, on Aug. 26


  • Jim Logan

And others..............

  • Isobel Mary Cole
  • Vince Lynch
  • Harold Hewitt
  • Dan Terrion
  • Douglas Nobes
  • Sheryl J. Loucks Mom told me I was born there
  • Penny Barrons I was born there, but don't remember the occasion very clearly.
  • Charlie McKinnon
  • Bob Vesterfelt
  • Infant Campbell
  • 2 Tandys

 Others who lived in this house:

Mike Empey:   I lived in that house as well as a child. My grandparents still live next door. But when I lived there,  it's neighbor was Beckers owned by the Wells.

Annmarie Willman-Spry wrote:   We were in that house when Isabelle & Dorly Hartin lived there. Beautiful house.

Lynda Woodcoxwrote:   My grandmother Florence lived there for quite sometime. House has a lot of history.

Janie Reidwrote:   I lived there as a child and loved that house , would love to know the history ofit !