8 - 10 Forsyth Street - The Harper Building


It is thought that a residence located at 8 Forsyth Street, was built by Josiah WiIliam Pearce a few years prior to his marriage to Bessie Bramley. (1877 or 78) Josiah W. Pearce's daughter, Jane Almira married Frank Newton Marett and they also lived at the same residence in 1908.

In 1910, Charles McWilliams and his wife, Susan Sullivan lived at this residence. On May 24, 1914, the residence of Charles and Susan McWilliams burnt to the ground. Shortly after the fire, the couple rebuilt a new red brick residence on the same site.

Seymour Henry and his wife, Christine McCormack lived in the new red brick home in 1924. Seymour was the head mechanic at the Forestell/Maloney garage located on the west side of Forsyth.

In May 1952, James Stafford Marett converted the front living room of the residence into a jewellery store and work shop for William K. Harper, a certified watchmaker.

In July, 1958, Leith and Joan Stetson of Truro, N.S. took over the Harper Jewellery store and residence at 8 Forsyth Street.       In April, 1961, James S. Marett started construction on an addition to the front of the residence. The new cement block building would extend to the street sidewalk.

After the Stetsons left in June, 1968, a series of entrepreneurs occupied the small extended building at 10 Forsyth St.

  • Ron and Lorraine Henry's Jewellery Store

  • Mrs. Wrights wool shop (Vivienne's)

  • Marmora Optical Company,

  • Pat's Odd Shop,

  • Karin Heller with Karin for Your Pets,

  • Thomas Athanasi with Bert's Live Baits,

  • Fish and Chip Shop

  • Second Hand Appliance Store

  • 2010 Cheryle Griese owned and operated Re/Max Quinte Ltd. Real Estate and at present the building is occupied by Exit Realty.