The site of this frame house at the NE corner of Bursthall and Matthew Street was purchased in 1869 or 1871 from the Cobourg, Peterborough Marmora Railway& mining Co. (owned by T. Pearce)  for $50.00.  The house was finished and occupied Rev. A Doxsee before the church was completed.  Thereafter,  the house saw the occupancy of Reverands W.H. Cook,1874 upon the completion of the church and W.H. Peake 1876.

There are no further records until 1903 when Rev. R. McCullough was in charge.  Rev. W.P. Wodger served from 1916 to 1922 and was succeeded by Rev. D.R. Clare during whose service Church union was completed,  and the present parsonage was sold to Mrs. Glove

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Annmarie Willman-SpryADDS:   "Uncle Roy & Aunt Leona Walker (Shirley Harris' parents) lived there in the 1940's until the mid 1960's"