1 Main Street    Pentacostal Church,  Sweet's Bakery & Grocer


In 1967,  Grace Warren,  in her historical recollections,   described this building, at the corner of Madoc Street and Main Street,  as housing the Pentacostal Church.  She wrote that prior to that,  there stood there a small frame building where Mr. Wilkinson,  the shoe maker,  lived. This wooden building,  built in 1875,   was remodelled by William Sweet into his first bakery,  but burned in 1920,  at which time,  Mr. Sweet and his wife, Emma Froats,  moved their bakeryto 1 Forsyth Street. ( Click here to read about the Sweets at 1 Forsyth)

According to the Marmora Herald,  it was Michael Kouri who purchased the property from the Sweet estate and built the two storey block building,  which later housed the Pentacostal Church.  (Michael Kouri later died in a car accident in 1956)

Not long after,   the Pentacostal Church built a new building on Madoc Street,  and 1 Main Street was converted into a house.  It is now owned by Ken & Karen Bock,  who have converted it into two apartments.,  the first tenant being Shirley Lummiss Wilson,  in Nov. 1996.