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In the land of the Cainites, there was a tribe at the place called Marmora,  who were known throughout the land as the Marmorites. Daily the Marmorites laboured in a place called Bethlehem,  where they became makers of steel. Alas, Bethlehem was under the rule of the rich Usites,  who lived in a wealthy land to the south of the Cainites.

In Bethlehem, the Marmorites worked both day and night to reap their bountiful harvest. They stored their harvest in three great towers which were in Bethlehem. It came to pass in Bethlehem that one night while the Marmorites slept, the Gods smote down one of the three great towers. The tower crashed to the earth, vomiting its rich harvest. In the beginning, the Marmorites,  being wrapped up in their toils,  did not see the fallen tower. But then, as it happened, one among their midst,  who was a taskmaster known as Thomas, cried out,

"Holy jumping Jesus Christ, the south bin hath fallen over!"

A great cry of woe arose from the midst of Bethlehem (mingled with a few hearty cheers and the Carling's Red Cap Salute).  The Marmorites,  not knowing what they did to incur such wrath from the Gods,  ran to their chiefs, crying:

"What is to become of us? Are we destined to again feel the wrath of the Gods? We knoweth not what we doneth!"

The chiefs spake, "Go forth and empty the remaining towers lest they too be struck to the ground."

And it was done as the commanded. Then from the land south of the Cainites, the high priests of the Usites came and spake,

"Prepare thyselves,  ye men of the Marmorites,  to build thyselves yet a new tower. It is
to be eighty cubits high and to encompass one hundred and fifty cubits and it shall be
stronger than any tower yet built." Amen

Author: Bruce Bennett -  university summer student

Joking all aside,  thanks to Gerald Belanger,  we now have on line the full history of the Bethlehem Steel Marmoraton Mine.  Be sure not to miss