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Flea Phillips

This is a photo of my grandparents, Ila Nobes and Don Phillips. (Flea) They lived at 29 Pearce street from the day they were married right up until they passed away very recently. This was taken back by Twin Sisters at my Great Grandpa Nobes' property, shortly after they were married in the mid 1940's. Funny thing about my grandpa, you'll be hard pressed to find a photograph of him without having a burning cigarette in his hand.

  Derek Meiklejohn wrote:  I've always adored this photograph. On the left is my Great-Grandfather Sam Nobes, in the middle my Grandfather Don Phillips (Everyone knew him as Flea) and on the left is my Great-Grandmother Jane Jenny Nobes (Briggs). The little boy is my dad, Brian Phillips and the little girl is Barbara Quinn, my dad's first cousin. July, 1957 at Twin Sisters.

Don (Flea)  & Ila Phillips (Nobes) with their children Larry and Sharon. This was taken in the 1950's at my Great-Grandfather Sam Nobes' in Twin Sisters.

Brenda Powell added:   Sam nobes is my great grandfather. My grandfather is his son Samuel Nobes. Glad I found these pictures. Thanks for posting

Marlene Taylor:   Oh my gosh.  I am so excited to see these pictures.   I loved your grandmother so much. She made great pies and cookies...I was raised by Sam and Jennie Nobes,  my grandparents,  but were my mom and dad. I remember your uncle, Larry,  gone way too soon.  I see your gramma,  Sharon,  whenever I can.   I grew up north of Marmora,  back where your grandparents are standing in the picture.   I' ve seen that picture many times. Always good to see. 

Wayne VanVolkenburg:  Seeing the photos of "flea" Phillips, I remembered the rink that they usually had in their back yard. However, the crowd usually became too large and we had to move our hockey game to the street. Some of the participants that I remember were: Larry Phillips, Bill Phillips, Larry Neal, Glenn McCaw, Gary Warren, Dave Carswell, myself (Wayne VanVolkenburg), ocassionally Reg Brown & Mike Reynolds, some of the Falls boys, Doug Nicholson and Brian Gray. Almost a full hockey team!