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Dr. Herbert Garfield Parkin

Since we are getting a few comments about Dr. Parkin,  we have decided to dedicate a page to your Dr. Parkin stories.

Dr. Herbert Garfield Parkin

Mike Empey writes:  " I used to love visiting Dr Parkin as a boy. His wonderful wife always had a treat for me and he would clean and pull the sharps from needles and give them to us a squirt guns lol"  Oct. 22, 2014

Julie Mckenzie-Post  writes:   "He taught me to tie shoe laces!"  Oct. 21, 2014

Annette Taylor writes:  " He was certainly dedicated to his profession."   Oct. 21, 2014

Derek Meiklejohn  writes :  " He delivered me."   Oct. 23, 2014

Wendy Danford  writes "very few doctors like him now, would see you anytime if you were ill, made house calls, I wish I could see a doctor like him now, I am sure I would recover."  Nov 24, 2014

Sharon Anne Vesterfelt writes: "He sure was there to look after Marmora when they needed him".  Nov. 24, 2014