From French Kings to Los Angeles Kings  -   Therrien to Terrion

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  1. Noel - 1580-1620                                                |
  2. Andre- 1611-1661                                              |
  3. PIERRE 1640-1706     Pierre emigrates to the New World -     Ile D'Orleans (Montreal)                                                               |
  4. Andre 1678-1749                                                 |
  5. Barthelemy 1717-1801                                        |         
  6. Jean 1759-1815  Quebec City                               |
  7. JEAN BAPTISTE THERRIEN  1798-1882  Married Catherine Roy. Moves to Marmora and becomes known as JOHN TERRION      THEY HAD 11 CHILDREN                |                  
  8. John Terrion 1822-1888  +Isabelle Quinn           THEY HAD 9 CHILDREN                    |
  9. John Joseph Terrion 1858-1921  +Ellen Gallagher     THEY HAD 10  CHILDREN             |
  10. John Francis 1894-1973      + Mary Loretta O'Shea                                   THEY HAD 9 CHILDREN                                        |
  11. Wilf Terrion  1938-2006      +Patricia           THEY HAD 5 CHILDREN                                 |
  12. GREG TERRION                                       NHL Los Angeles Kings 1980

NHL Player, #14 Los Angeles King,                      Greg Terrion, son of Wildred Terrion 1938-2006

Los Angeles Kings #14

Greg Terrion-Wayne Gretzky 1983

Anne (Collins) Terrion and nephew Josh Loveless.jpg

Wildrd Terion 1977

Son of John Francis Terrion  1856-1937 and Sarah Jenkinson

Terry Clemens, Dan Terrion, Tim  Loveless, 1960.jpg

Jeremiah Legrow (far left) with his wife and family. Behind him and to the right is his daughter Catherine Sarah Legrow from his first marriage to Catherine Darrah (died in childbirth). 2nd wife Mary Ann Terrion far right, seated. Other two women daughters Mary Alberta (Bertha) Legrow and Theresa Legrow, and sons John and Harold Legrow.

Suspected error in labelling.  Boys are more likely to be sons of Theresa Terrions Mongraw-  Fergus or Romeo.  The fact that son, Reginald is not in the pictures, suggests it it pre-1914

small-france-map-relief-La Rochelle-Normande.jpg

It was 1580,  when Noel Therrien was born in La Rochelle,  Normandy,  France,  a rebellious, little  fortified town on the Atlantic coast of France,  just south of England.  But this was no ordinary small town.  This was an important  harbour fought over by kings and queens,  with a colourful history of knights and pirates,  medieaval towers and gothic spires

It was the home port of  many  explorers,  sent out by their rulers to pillage the new world,  return with gold,  trade the slaves and bring home furs.  But when Louis XIV revoked the Edict of Nantes,  ending all religious freedom,  there resulted a huge migration  of ordinary people to New France on the east coast of North America,  but mostly to Quebec.

So it was that Noel Therrien's  grandson,  Pierre Therrien,   left La Rochelle  for Quebec,  settling in  Ile d'Orleans,  a region near  Montreal.  The Therrien name spread throughout the Montreal region,  into Quebec City and Ile aux Coudres in the St. Lawrence river,  each generation securing its position in the provice with large families.  

But one Therrien,  that is,  Jean Baptiste Therrien (1798-1882), Pierre's  g.g.grandson born in St Henri De Mascouche, Quebec ,   made a break for Upper Canada,  finding his way to Marmora,  probably attracted by the lumbering jobs,  or perhaps the ironworks. And he was not alone,  as witnessed by the many French-Canadian names we find in Marmora  at the same time-  Auger, Belanger,  Bedomme,  Bedore, Bertrand,  Clairmont,  Demars, Lajoie,  Legros, Paget, Prevost,  Provost,   Revoy,  and Roy, 

 Jean  Baptiste soon became anglicized,  known as JOHN TERRION,  and  with his wife from Quebec,  Catherine Roy,  living at Lot 15, Concession 8, Marmora Twp.,  went on to have a family of 11 children.    (to the best of our knowledge)

  • Mary         1819-1903  married Joseph Corby and had three children
  • JOHN        1822-1888 married Isabelle Quinn and had nine children (Lot 13. Conc 9)
  • Francis      1823-1913, living at Lot 24, Conc. 6, Marmora Twp.,  married Jessica Robertson, of Ireland,   had 6 children & moved to Waubeshene
  • William     1825-            Details unknown
  •  Margaret  1831-1916  married Emery Demars and had possibly 15 children 
  • Catherine  1832-1895 married Michael Bedore, Marmora's first shoemaker.                               They  had 12 children including Julius Bedore 104 yrs Also see  Our Centenarians
  • Lucinda     1830-1893  married James Darrah and had eleven children
  • Julius        1833-             Details unknown  
  • Rachel       1833-1893     
  • Edward     1834 
  • Michael     1835  possibly named Edward as well

The above named John (1822-1888)  and Isabelle Quinn  (1824-1903)carried on the tradition of large families,  populating Marmora with nine more Terrions,   which included   John Joseph 1858-1921,   who married Ellen Gallagher and had eleven more little Terrions.  Although some had moved out west,  or to the States,  by the turn of the century,  Terrion families  had settled in Malone,  Deloro,  Eldorado and Peterborough.  

Children of John & Isabell Quinn

  • Catherine                       1846-1929
  • Susan (Bedomme)        1848-1938
  • Mary Anne  (Legros)    1850-1936
  • John Joseph                 1858-1921----->
  • James Francis                 1861-1935
  • Peter                                1862-1900
  • Patrick                             1865-1941
  • Isabelle                           1867-1953 
  • Ellen                                1869-1955     

Children of John Joseph & Ellen Gallagher

  • Mary Isabella                               (Thompson)                   1892-1977
  • Frederick                        1893-1910
  • John Francis                1894-1973
  • James Vincent               1896-1953
  • David Joseph                  1898-1972
  • Joseph Daniel                 1898-1931
  • Rev. Wilfred L.                1900-1963
  • Ellen Agnes (Laton)       1902-1924
  • Patrick                              1904-1943
  • Gertrude M.                     1906

Seated centre, Patrick J Terrion and wife Catherine Sarah Legrow. Other assorted children/  & grandchildren surrounding. Back row second from right Mary Ann Terrion.

Loretta (O'Shea) Terrion  &   great grandson Josh Loveless.jpg

  • Agnes Mary                  1926-1995   Married James O. Loveless
  • John                                1930-1960
  • James A.                        1932-2006   Married Ann Collins
  • Duane                            1933-1935
  • Gwendolyne M.             1935-          Married John Tomko
  • Willfred                          1938-2006    Father of NHL Hockey player,   Greg Terrion
  • D. Terrion                        Living
  • R. Terrion              Living married C. Ellis
  • T. Terrion              Married G. Robson

Reverand Wildred Terrion  1900-1963

From our mailbox.........

Bob O'Brien wirtes:

My g. grandfather: Michael Bedore settled in Marmora mid 1800s. He was said to have been the first shoemaker there. Michael married Catherine Therrien, ( Terrion) and they had about 9 children, one of which was my grandpa George who became a farmer. George married twice having a total of 9 children who went on to proliferate the Bedore name. Many Marmora names are married int the Bedore name and vice versa. I am working on the family tree. If anyone wishes to see it or add to it, my e-mail is I live in Trenton.

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