"I was born to create art, and I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to do just that all these years."

Peter can be reached at 905 679 8868

I was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1935. My fondest memories are of travels to northern Ontario with my father where I gained a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife. I have felt an attachment to the north, and particularly the Kawartha's ever since and it reflects in my art. Nature was to become a big part of my subject and study.

Like most of my contemporaries, I got married, had a son, and worked in the factories of Hamilton. Throughout this time I was never far from my true calling, a brush and a canvas. I was able to get work as an illustrator with the Hamilton Spectator and the Toronto Telegram back in the '50's and '60's.

During the '60's there was a strong and growing art community on the west coast, so I packed up the family in the old Dodge and we headed for Vancouver. It was there, during my time in art school in Vancouver that the seed was planted for my second calling...teaching.

It wasn't long though that the "call of the Kawartha's" brought us back home to Ontario. I went back to the factories, all the while I had projects on my drawing board, spending countless hours and cigarettes perfecting my technique. It was in '75 that I made up my mind to see if I could take my art to the next level. I enrolled in the commercial art program at Mohawk College Brantford.

After school, I landed a contract with Carling O'Keefe to draw the Toronto Argonauts "player of the week", and took on commission work wherever I could to make a living. 

In '78 Betty and I made the jump to move up to the Belleville area to be nearer to Crowe Lake, and I was hired by Loyalist College to teach fine art. This was to be my career for 19 years. I loved teaching. While teaching at Loyalist, I taught in my home when we finally moved to Crowe Lake, I taught in the nearby public school in Marmora, I taught every opportunity I could because of my love for illustration.

I have retired now to Mount Hope (near Hamilton) with Betty but continue to spend my hours in art. I thought I would give it up, I sold everything. My board, paints, paper, everything. Then one day, I set up my old easel on the same table I had drawn on years before and started over again.


Steve McGuire Here's one he did for my mom. It hangs in my living room. I took some lessons from Peter. What an amazing, talented man who gave me so much inspiration.

Tony Bowen:   I remember my mom taking art classes taught by him in the mid 1980s- talented man

Doug Prindle:   Great painting,, love his work!

John Croskery:   We have a painting of an eagle done by Peter in 1984 love it.