Peter and Gabriella Hamley  - Photographers

Wildlife,  Landscapes,  Portraits,  Still Life,  Magical Moments


Peter and Gabriella Hamley, photographers

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Peter and Gabriella Hamley live in their "Hundred Acre Wood" north of Marmora.  Peter is a retired college teacher of Finnish origin and Gabriella is a violinist from Hungary.  They enjoy the quiet life in the company of their three beautiful Eurasier dogs.

It was because of the dogs that the Hamleys first became interested in photography.  They were active members of an international group of Eurasier enthusiasts.  For twelve years, they held semiannual gatherings of dogs and owners on their property, with people attending from all over North America and even Europe.
The competition to take the best dog portraits and action pictures led Peter and Gabriella on a continuing quest for high quality photography.  They eventually branched out to other subjects including people, landscape, flora and fauna.

Please enjoy a four-minutes slideshow of their photos  and enjoy a little Bach played by Gabriella.