Situated at the North East corner of Quinn Road & Beaver Creek Road, Township of Marmora

PART OF LOT 16, Concession 6, Marmora Township

James W. Hamilton - died May 21, 1873, aged 38 years & 11 days.


Jane - Relict of James Irwin and daughter of George Downey died, February 4, 1875, Aged 64 years.

Margaret Ann (Morrow) - wife of William T. Hamilton, died June 20, 1865, Aged 21yrs. & 22 days (childbirth)

Thomas Hamilton - aged 77 years, buried 12 September 1906. Anglican burial but no tombstone.

Sarah - wife of James Hamilton, died August 1, 1868, aged 60 years

James Irwin - died February 8, 1870, aged 64 years.
A native of County Fermanaugh, Ireland Our father has gone to a mansion of rest From a region of sorrow and pain To the glorious land by the  diety  blest Where he never can suffer again.

In Memory of James Hamilton - died March 7, 1881, aged 76 years

Letter in the Marmora Herald from  William Carman, 2002