Availble for viewing at the Marmora Historical Foundation  

The Marmora Story 1990, available at MHF  $20.00 

Stone Memories,  and Stone Memories Revisited - a collection of  news- paper clippings of deaths, by C. Jones & G. Belanger Available at MHF $15.00 each

Story of the founder of Deloro Mines by Young 1967

Philip Smith 1986 Reference to iron works ISBN 0 7715 9705-3

Various local areas,  1986, ISBN0-921341-04-0

 Let's Dance, A celebration of Ontario Dance Halls (Peter Young) makes reference to Marmora's Jack Grant and the Aces

Thomas F. McIlwraith 1998 ISBN 0-8020-7658-0

Summer Dance Pavilions by Frank De Long,  Reference to Jack Grant & the Aces.   Viewable at the Historical Foundation

History of Bonarlaw Available at Marmora Library - reference only

County history by Gerald Boyce

Michael Gordon 2005 Pg 141, Marmora ISBN 1-55046-449-3

1994 ISBN 0-9698295-0-7


Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte 1904.jpg

Pioneer Life on the Bay of Quinte 1904
 On line click here

Poetry with references to Marmora, 2008 Hidden Brook Press, ISBN 978-897475-25-6

Includes the Central Ontario Railway that passed through Marmora - 2011 ISBN 978-1-55488-882-5

Mines and Mining by Rendoll Snell 1901  On line CLICK HERE

Local project, viewable at  MHF

Chapter 4: Deloro A Detour through Hell, Patricia Koretchuk    ISBN 088920-407-1 Link to on-line version

Published locally, available at Mar- mora Hist. Found.

The story of the struggles of the Central Ontario Railway (Mika Publishing) by James Plomer and Alan Capon

Available on line: click here

The Story of the Greensides Phenomenon1994 Can. Queen of Peace Centre (TEL800-263 8601)

Cora Bleecker,   Crowe Lake Poet (Viewable at MHF)

Historical Analysis of the Deloro Site, 1988 report Richards & Associates, viewable at MHF



The Price of Gold is available at the Marmora Library

This segment from "The Land Between" documentary series, Episode 1, features Andre Philpot discussing the Marmora Iron Works, one of Upper Canada's first mining operations. Director: Zach Melnick Producer: Yvonne Drebert Narrator: R. H.


From October 10th through to the 27th, 1938, Dr. Carleton and his film crew visited the local churches, the Business Section and  local schools making a travalogue.




Poetic text based on oral reminiscences of 111 yr. old David Trumble,  by Glen Ellis. Wonderful read.
ISBN 0-460-95815-1

Trenton 1917-1934 Peggy Dymond Leavey 1989 ISBN 0-921341-30-X

Rock and Rail Festival,  Havelock (Viewable at MHF)

Harold R. Hunter 1990 ISBN 0921341-46-6

The O'Hara Story (Madoc) Wendy Wallace, Marion Moriarity (Viewable at MHF

Prospectus for Cordova Gold Mines (viewable at MHF)

The story of Bonarlaw,  1990 (Out of print) Available at Marmora Library - reference only

Gerald Boyce, 1992 ISBN 0 920474-74-8

The Heritage Years -A History of Stirling and District - Available on line CLICK HERE

1878 Atlas (Repro) ISBN 0-919302-14-9

by Gerald Boyce 1972



OTHER BOOKS BY LOCAL AUTHORS       Click here for more detail