In memory of Robert G. Drummond

  • Sylvia and John Fogarty:     With fond memories of all the years we spent with Bob and Florence and all the Drummond family for so many summers. Love to you all.
  • Jack and Judy Montgomery:   brother-in-law  With much love to Florence and all the Drummond Family.                                          
  • Howard & Christine Blake                                                   Bob's memory will be in our hearts forever. A wonderful man. 
  • Dean and Charleen Booth
  • Linda Bracken
  • Howard and Dianne Cole
  • Bruce Cook
  • Bonnie Danes
  • Larry and Carol Denny
  • Lynn Gapes
  • Sheila Golden
  • Carl and Judy McDonald
  • Brian and Louise MacKenzie
  • Ron McBeath
  • Donna and James McConnell
  • Stewart McConnell
  • Don and Gwen McEwen
  • Vic and Chris McLean
  • Tammy and Bob Miller
  • Shelley Nicholas
  • Ray and Maureen O'Connor
  • Cliff and Brenda Reid
  • Barb Reynolds
  • Jean Shannon
  • Jennifer De la Rama
  • Betty Welch
  • Marilyn Mantle
  • William and Edythe & the Forestell Family
  • Jon and Bev McConnell
  • Steven and Anne Miller
  • Karen Nicholas
  • Steven and Liza Van De Hoef
  • Nancy Addison
  • Cathie Jones
  • Anne & Andre Philpot
  • Theresa Wiltrout
  • Myrna and Robert Caverly
  • Glenn and Dorothy Caverly
  • Terrence and Kimberly Grimson
  • Florence Drummmond
  • Walter & Vera Aalen


  • Lora Skof                                In memory of Sid Brooks
  • Cathie Jones                          In Memory of Peggy Bleecker
  • David Slade                           In Memory of Betty Slade
  • Jean Shannon                        In Memory ofLillian  O'Connor Guiry


  • Wayne VanVolkenburg       In Memory of Norman and Esther Hipson
  • Susan and Paul Wood        In Memory of Betty Grant Slade
  • Brian Leishman                     In Memory of Lila Mumby Leonard
  • Ken and Joanne Baxter        In Memory of Betty Grant Slade
  • Brenda Skof                           In Memory of Vic & Tom Brooks


  • Thomas & Ann Brooks .....      In Memory of John McGregor