Deloro Public School


Deloro celebrated the opening of its new school in February of 1917. Teacher:  Miss Oswald

"A Fairy Play will furnish the entertainment and it should draw a packed house."   Marmora Herald


Lew Barker writes:  Hilda Henderson taught there for many years.

Brenda Brooks:    All the Brooks children attended this school including many aunts and uncles on the Smith side. The teachers were Mr. and Mrs. Hooey, Florence Henderson and Fred Stewart, all of them very memorable. For a school of that era which provided shop and home ed classes for all provided with a good start, together with the sports activities.

James Dalton adds:   The teachers-Mrs. and Mrs Hooey--Miss Henderson-wonderful years-lots of stories here




Deloro Public School 1943, Home Economics class.
Teacher, Mrs., who married Mr. Hooey., another teacher at the school

Front left, Margaret, Wiley, Dorothy Wiley, Margaret Drew, , Jean Watson, _____,

Back row, June Loveless, Anne Barlow, , Evelyn Brooks, Betty Cox, Sheilagh Corrigan.

The quilt was the result of a competition to see how many squares each student could make. This turned into a lively competition as each student tried to see if they could win the number of squares completed.