"Havelock Jammers"
36"x36" Acrylic SOLD


“When I am inspired to paint something, I try and capture the true nature, the essence, however that manifests itself creatively. That is my objective. Everything in the world has its own unique spirit and I try to reflect this in my paintings.”

As a result Dania has created an impressive collection of works in various styles and mediums while exploring many themes. The paintings of musicians, the wildly colourful nature paintings, to the portraits of people, Dania’s art is a manifestation of her passion.

Dania has had numerous solo and group showings, and her works are collected internationally by both the public and private sectors. Her art has been featured in films, ads and TV specials. Madera-Lerman was the subject of two televised documentaries; CBC’s Sunday Arts Entertainment, and Bravo’s Talkin’Blues airing in both Canada and the USA. Dania lives with her husband and 3 cats on 45 acres of sprawling, rugged terrain at the base of the Canadian Shield just north of Havelock, Ontario. Their home is a new design in environmentally sustainable living and is situated beside the scenic Crowe River.

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"Falling Leaves"
22"x30" Watercolour/Oil Pastel

"Setting Sun"
12"x16" Watercolour


22"x30" Mixed Media

"Taj Mahal"
22"x30" Watercolour/Oil Pastel SOLD

"Lance Anderson"
22x30 Watercolour/Chalk/Oil Pastel SOLD